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Company profile

Company profile

Jinan is bo electronics co., LTD is specializing in consumer canteen machine research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of high-tech enterprises,Since its establishment,For the purpose of the service to the customer's demand,To provide customers with flexible、Convenient、Security、As easy solutions。For a long time,Get the trust of many customers,Our service enterprises:High speed rail station、Industrial and commercial bank、China construction bank、Bank of rizhao、The fire station car depot、Service of all business premises:Enterprise、The factory、The government、The unit、The school、Cinemas、Member consumption place……His treasure canteen machine types:The face of a canteen machine、Fingerprint canteen machine、Fingerprint and credit canteen machine、The fingerprint、Credit card and face canteen machine.His treasure canteen machine product function:Suitable for members to consumption、The dining room to sell rice、Integral consumption、Identification、Member of a car、Salon members、Cinemas member consumption source of treasure canteen machine function000000-00-0-0-0-0.His treasure canteen machine、Consumption machine often contains the market...

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Address: East road flyover district of jinan city of shandong province car factory6NumberASeat12Layer

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