The main services

Wilson, broad service areas,Mainly related to the traditional fuel vehicles、New energy vehicles、After sales and second-hand car,At the same time cover car connected to the Internet、Auto financing, etc,Automotive and related industries to provide a full range of the whole industry chain services。

  • Fuel cars

    Fuel cars
    Market forecast
    Sales management
    Model planning
    Channel construction
    Consumer insight
  • New sources of energy

    New sources of energy
    Industry/Enterprise/Matching tracking
    Special study
    Market monitoring and analysis
    Monitoring analysis of products
  • After the market
    Used cars

    After the used-car market
    Accessories business
    Industry for the research
    User survey
  • Car is connected to the Internet
    Emerging travel

    Car networking emerging travel
    Travel consumer research
    About car user satisfaction research network
    Time-sharing leasing customer satisfaction research
    Car networking configuration demand research
    Automated driving development trend and the demand research
  • Auto financing

    Auto financing
    Financial information monitoring
    Retail banking business research
    Satisfaction survey

Wilson, intelligent decision-making platform

The value of a large data mining automobile industry,Help the auto industry to establish to data-driven intelligent decision support system。

  • The auto industry's first data analysisBIPlatform
    √ More friendly interactive experience
    √ A wider range of business module
    √ A visual analysis of the application
    √ Apply toPCEnd and mobile end
  • Scene intelligence decision support system
    √ For a particular business scenario
    √ Identify opportunities and problems
    √ Simulation decision-making plan
    √ To make efficient、Decisions based on facts

Wilson's brand

  • Data analysis

    The industry's leading visual data
    Analysis of the product,Implement the data points
    Automated analysis chart。

  • Data to the supermarket

    Cover82The class of the auto industry data,Support more
    Dimension statistical data query and download function。

  • Report to the supermarket

    Based on the precision of huge amounts of data,The car market
    For multidimensional,Comprehensive analysis,Including steam
    Car sales analysis、Auto industry analysis、A new car
    Monthly report and so on seven big plate。

Our advantage

Full supportOEMProduct and marketing management,Provide one-stop customized solutions。

  • Multi-source data with high quality

    To build a database
    Data sources and extensively
    Fully integrated high quality data

  • Understand customers

    The establishment of the decision-making scenarios
    Deep understanding of customer decision
    Scenarios and decision logic

  • Accurate algorithm

    Algorithms library is established in this paper
    Mathematical modeling+The machine is presented
    +AIDeep learning

  • EfficientITSupport

    With the industry firstITDatabase construction services
    PowerfulITTechnical support+Cutting edgeBISystem